About BSF


Berg Student Union (BSF) is the student organization for Material Science, Petroleum technology, Geotechnology and Geology. We boasted 595 students spread over the programmes in the Autumn 2014.

We exist to create a welcoming environment for our students. We have a diverse set of social groups which meet regularly. Our goal is to provide a social network for our students where we can meet and talk outside of the academic structure.

BSF is one of the oldest of its kind with traditions reaching back to 1757, even though the name and the general structure we have today was established in 1914.

BSF is made possible by the work of our volunteer students (and some enthusiastic former students). Our board is made up out of 11 people, which are elected at a twice annual general assembly, with sub-committees working under them. The board is responsible for coordinating all activities, and following up on whatever is decided at the general assembly.